Alex Polozov (skiminog) wrote,
Alex Polozov

Google -= Jabber

Google drops XMPP (Jabber) support soon. There won't be GTalk as a Jabber-based protocol anymore; they replace it with a new proprietary messaging service called Hangouts. It means that all our desktop/mobile Jabber clients will stop working with GTalk any time soon. Nobody knows what's going to happen with a chat window in your GMail.
I'm not going to switch to Hangouts. I don't want to support Google in their urge of replacing well-known public standards with proprietary alternatives. In practice it means that I'm likely to disappear from your contact lists any time soon, since I've been using GTalk through desktop-based Jabber client (QIP) for a while.
If you want to continue talking with me, my primary Jabber account is Please authorize it in your contact list. Also, I highly recommend you to drop GTalk and switch to some other Jabber server instead, there're hundreds of them. Google lost its "the most reliable company" status irrevocably.

P.S. When I said "Please authorize in your account", I did NOT mean "in your GTalk account".
Your GTalk account will be replaced with Hangouts soon, and you will lose any way of communication with me. Hangouts/GTalk will not send messages to accounts and vice versa. I highly recommend you to choose some other Jabber server ASAP.
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